Suspense & Romance Novelist

Sheena Alexander is an Independent Urban Suspense and Romance Novelist, Poet, Blogger and Inspirational Speaker who loves and captures reality relationships scenerios and compliments it to writing fiction reality stories at best. Always captioning love drama's as her specialty, she captures all levels of love leadinig to great stories inspiring her audience to enjoy classy love drama's with questionable reality approaches.

Sheena also uses Blogging, Non Fiction and Poetry to inspire and empower "Self Discovery" for defined purpose in life. 

Sheena is from Philadelphia, Pa and loves the free expression of word play and art. She is a natural born word expressionist.

Suffering from Chronic Migraines and experiencing  a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) she supports and advocates for the causes of Migraines and Strokes Awareness. She uses this empowerment to push through her own disease, conquering pain with prayer and passion for her purpose so that others may be inspired by her strength, story, and battle to stay aligned in the call of their purpose.

Sheena is a single mother of two sons who she overly adores and who also shares her curious mind. Sheena loves the call of her role as a parent and writer and always has hope in true love.

With everything in her, she allows her imagination to be beautiful and creates natural stories from the free gifts of the world around her that are always filled with love and with dramatic twists of her opinionated views on reality.

Sheena carries optimism at best and loves her gift to be a naturalist with the arts. Sheena is not here to be exploited but to be explored through a literary style that she defines as "stylish to the flow of her own pace and rhythm" she brings a sense of questionable meaning to her readers minds keeping discovery entertaining.

She is a self published author who puts her all into the detail of her complex stories, trusting in her faith in Christ and God who will always be in charge of the path of her writings.

Sheena invites readers to enjoy her pleasureable reads that she finds relaxing actually pairing her books with a peace of mind and soothing music that captures imagination bringing her stories to a satisfying read.

Keeping all things beautiful and believing in her destiny, her literary works and style is always approved as classic preserving her brand She Like, She Writes as she writes at reality's best.

Visit Sheena's website at as she host her books at affordable prices, and blogs on reality topics on the mystical mysteries of love, romance and relationships.

Her books are also available on Amazon Online Store and Kindle for instant downloading. Please remember to leave book reviews where ever books are purchased and follow her on social media platforms for upcoming blog topics and new book releases. This is a must to stay connected for great inspirations.

She loves and thanks everyone for their support good, bad or indifferent as she embraces the challenge to bring you better than the best every time and look forward to keeping stories entertaining for your pleasures.

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Blessings and Discoveries,