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Authentic Love

Price: 12.00 USD
Deception and Revenges are the motives Shaun Bank's began to taste of her discovery for treasured love, well tasting the two allowed her to chase something far more different, but does she have to chase for it? Find out in this sexy, tip tasty erotic love story that will have you on a mysteriously on edge leaving you with one question...Who is love? Get ready, Get set...let's read and remember God created Authors to put messaging inside a story, find your message!

Authentic Love 2 Credible Death Certificate

Price: 12.00 USD
Available Soon! Hey did you follow Part 1...Mmmm, well Shaun is faced with decisions like most of us...except her decision is death...but she doesn't fear dying....find out why! Mmm, this soap opera series is so classic, so sexy and so thrilling and its for my pleasure readers! Stay tuned its gonna be fresh to death...lol!

Beneath The Pill (Coming Soon)

Price: 12.00 USD
Coming Soon 2017!

M.O.M My Obstacles Matter

Price: 10.00 USD
Hey Mom, well congrats is always well do for the occasion of the role, in this book, I challenged myself to be personally, spiritually and mentally ready for my obstacles. Shit being a MOM ain't easy, but we could always use a recognized inspiration. I was down knee deep trying to discover my purpose, in the midst of being buried purpose shoveled me out and so when I was released from the dark tunnel... I decided to share my lights of hope, my armored strength, my reason for being dug so deep and now I am sharing this narrations with Moms because we can always beat an obstacle no matter what, I did and discover why I will always win and why I will always be on your side to win! God created Authors to put messaging in a story, get your message and stay in purpose!