Sep. 17, 2017

Give me the reason?

So, again Im in my playlist and I felt like a little Luther...don't even ask why and may he #RestInPeace That's what my spirit called for and I obeyed the musical I head over to YOU TUBE lol and scroll through some songs for my drive in to work. My first choice was uhhhh for you to love...shhh, by now ya'll know im still a sucker for romance - and theirs nothing wrong with that especially since my past done gave me these super powers to uhhh, not take bullshit, since beyonce insisted on making sure we put them to the left and my mother never gave me that twinkle in her eye and well God aint kick my but to somebodys alter...anyway....

The next song on the playlist was "Give Me The Reason" Hmmm and it got me to thinking because for about two weeks I guess the guys from my past was going..."back down memory lane" and I laughed...this clearly always happens and this was the perfect songof empowerment. For the simple reaon that Luther clearly says:

Give me the reason to love you now

It's been a mighty long time

and the love that used to be

Ended the day you walked out....

soooo the fact that love don't live here anymore is another reason not to accept that reason. I felt like God was singing to me and that was more comforting than answering the haunting phone call of the past. The past sometimes only come back for selfish reasons anyway. In my cases, I try to move forward because I give my best foot of support while I'm in the relationship so if it doesn't work out. I feel like Gods path is better than the one that I must be trying to figure out on my own.

So, think about you past. Give it a reason and choose wisely but stay happy and keep God all in it. The reason is, is because he is love and that is beautiful and excatly what we deserve but in a imperfect way while we grow here on earth.

Love yours truly!

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