Writing For Causes!

I am first honored to be a woman of God. I am also a single mom, yup -and proud to be.  Truth be told- when the storms hit I’m like why me? Then God does something amazing like “being right on time with that perfect moment of need!” Then I’m like Yes, me!

Sooo, not only am I an Author, Writer, Poet Blogger, and what I like to call a moments Inspirational Speaker - I inspire at any given moment! #Watchout lol.

I am a supporter for Heart Health, Stroke and Migraines. How can I not support efforts that saved my life? I could not write not one book if I am not healthy, and because I personally suffered from these experiences it's only right to give back the support. That's where you guys come in... by supporting and buying copies of my books or simply sharing my story, blogs, website, books etc, it all makes a difference to help someone and that my friend can help change lives. 

We all know by now that I am a Chronic Migraine Sufferer and that I experienced a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) also known as a mini stroke, yup in the midst of doing my single parent moves, writing books, working part time...you know, that drill.

I lost a little hope at one point, but then God met me in that hospital bed and hugged me with words, seeped the good words into me to inspire, encourage, motivate, write, direct, and  advocate on behalf of writers, migraine sufferers, and stroke survivors. This is my purpose to advocate and continue to raise awareness. 

I currently support the American Heart Association for women to live healthy and know our risk for Heart Disease and Stroke, following the facebook group #GoRedGetFit. Simple awareness makes a difference and my books also support these causes, so please purchase a copy of one of my books, as a percentage helps supports the cause too. 

I also encouage you to support heart and stroke health for women all over America especially single women so that we stay strong and healthy to raise our little ones so that our presence remain string for their future.

Also, I am an supporter of the Move Against Migraine spreading my purple awareness to support and stop the stigma of migraines and headaches that really takes a toll on the activities of daily living.

With everything in me I will never stop chasing my dreams. My dreams create another person to dream too and I need your support. I really encourage you to support my novels so that we can help make more breakthroughs for others to have their breakthrough through the exchange of a simple dream. God gives us gifts to do so, in sure he has giving you yours also to help the cause you're called too as well. 

These novels help me to donate to these causes so that we give back so that others can get back to the regular daily lives of living healthy and happy. Not only do I wnjoy writing dramaful reality experiences with love but I love to be a small champion to someone also believeing and acheving and I know every little bit helps as the old saying goes... a little goes a long way👌

Loving what I do, because it’s all for you,