I was watchin' love connection, lol

Ok, as the queen of loving all things throwback I was flippin' through the channel and started watchin' Love Connection. I didn't know how to take it. It was now so modern and raw which was cool. I like how blunt people were. Brutal honesty is best especially if its saves ya ass from a disastrous relationship in the future.

Anyway, I was wondering, when single, are some people really desperate for a date to try and reach love or are we to put forth some effort to be in the realm to position ourselves for the possibilty of love? I need to know?

Clearly, some people need help finding a date. With all these dating shows, dating apps, and forceful connections can love be authentic if its approached technically? The pro to that I guess is if you meet a crazy ass weirdo its a trackin'  device v. meetin' someone randomly now who just comes up with irrational ass lies and actually investing in their fictious ass lies to sabatoge ya ass? I don't know ya'll I was just curious as shit on this one.

I guess I'll be a single serving until I understand the connect to love. I guess this is why I'm so passionate about writing about love. Its so damn tricky and interesting at the same damn time!!!

Whether we're dating technically or randomly we gotta be on point and make sure God all up in it seriously so we can discern how to go through, get through, move on or never step into the wrong love connect. It's too many people connected to unhappiness in relationships thats leading to infidelity tricks, and in the end the infidelic always miss what they had and that one song they hear reminds them of you and they realize it all through that one ass song when its too late.

If you've been following my Authentic Love Series you'll know that Shaun is really mystical about love. If you've been following the series, is it possible that she knows Authentic Love already? If you haven't been following...you can purchase your copy at the link below and please remember there is power in the words of your review!

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Playlist's be havin' them Answers!!!!

Sooo, I'm listening to my playlist and I'm just listening to songs like Maroon 5's Cold, Solange's "Cranes in the Sky" and Redbone by Childish Gambino and I was just driving and thinkin' as usual about relationships because they just tickle me.

Anyway, because they were all different they were all the same, someone was battling with a feeling and they were in searh of answers for. What we are all known to go through in our own relationships, one of the reasons we listen to music and find it relatable right?

So, sometimes in the misdt of the most confusing times in our relationship. This is just a friendly reminder to check out your playlist or create one. And guys, sometimes we gotta go through songs thats suitable for the styled feeling we are in.

Our Playlist should be an inspirations to help empower us for answers so that we can implement them in our relationships to help. Please don't go "Jazmin Sullivan's" nobody's car perhaps just pull a Beyonce and "Ring The Alarm" and do something about it - only if itys worth it. (Know the standard of your relationship standards)

Remember I support health relationship and habits and more than anything you should want a healthy relationship . So the next time your relationships shifts because feelings decide to hashtag to a different song of there own. Remember to check your playlist and go from there. Musical control is everything. It's beautiful. Every artist works hard by correlating their experiences to help us get through ours. Its like our musical bible, it's a collection of genres, artists, feelings, and talent that God has gifted certain individuals to enhance the effects of a message needed to help you positively.

Just remember to listen carefully and do the right thing with the right song! Inspiration is everything and if it doesn't beat to change your feelings or get you to undertstand, or empower you to change, or let you know your not alone, or lets you cry it out for a moment, or pumps you up for a good time dont go to deep...just change ya playlist!

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Social Media Blues

Social Media sometimes can really give your relationship the blues. Its like it can take away from the good time with false time moments. It's politically false issues thats being put into the atmosphere as an distraction.

Ask me its an easy way for people to be nuzy. It is. If we didn't have it would we care? Can you go on without it? Do you know that its effecting your relationship? Its not bad but its not as resourceful as it was brought out to be, hell if it brought Beyonce' out of her hidden shell of being so personal when she first came out, then that says alot.

Here's a woman whose elegance spoke for her private affairs to be customized by privacy and now because the media brings in attention, plus money she fell all in. I use to admire her and Oprahs style of being intimate with personal business...along with others. I'm a Bey fan but I really don't care to hear about any of her personal business when I see or here it. I look for her creative passion to relate too, understanding that her personal life can be relatable too but when I put myself in her shoes im like my business is between me, mine and God....we gone be aiiiiight!!!!

Im just saying lets not be so intune with the social status of social status and be more intunes with self status so that we can break soome of these technical chains and value the gift of what the media has stolen for the sake of entertainment, for the sake of in some cases relationship humiliation, traveled lies and diguised lives...

How else are we suppose to get better at these relationships, how else can we make faithfulness have more power, How can we add more meaning, feeling abd value so that the generations to come have something worth valuing.

I know my social media accounts feel cheated, lonely and abandoned but at least I know there feelings are just technical! How about you?

Low Level Lies,

Petty. Straight Petty.

When in a relationship....lies are petty but lets be honest. How do you really know if your partner is being honest? You don't know. All you can do is trust that they are, right? Well lets just say this. They way things are going we have to be self accountable for ourselves. We can not be responsbible for our partners lies....thats their burdens.

Lets just say low level lies do come at a cost. See when you think there is a lie...lets not throw a way a potentially good relationship if you had one. Instead, maybe jusss maybe...cut back on those delicious dinners your famous for, maybe let the lingie hang up a little while longer and throw on the over sized one sized night tee, forget to fill the ice tea pitcher...you know pettt betty stuff like that...low level with the lie its too many relationships really being thrown away for goofy mistakes when we can play fair game.

Now for the bum ass, high end liers, no good cheaters...if you sticking around then ya ass just gone get everything you deserve! So be bold enough, strong enough and God wised-couraged enough to let that ass go because as the old sayin' goes....you can do bad all by ya damn self!

The Freakin' Weeken'

And I so mean that in the literal since too...well that is if it's well deserved. Relationships still gotta go to work but let's make it fun. There should be no way that after a long boring ass week of working your ass off at work or on your own business that your relationship should suffer.

Yessss, by all means sleep in a little more especially if you had the bomb ass Friday night!!! But make sure that your relationship is qualified to get paid too and with benefits good ones too! Sometimes we wait until the weekend comes and forget those efforts that the relationship needs TLC. 

That can start off with beautiful goodmornings, breakfasts chats that exchange feelings about  how the week went to get that over with (but if it was bad- leave that in the past!!!) the kids, anything that needs to be let out so that there is room for relationship remedies later!

If you want your relationship to stay steady and succeed, you can't be petty, push past being petty betty, get creative, get organized, don't be forceful with the lead but be dainty with suggesting what you like by incorportaing some sexual gesture because that always works, lol...and follow the flow and for my folks who don't have enough money...get creative...pull out them throwback movies, get some snacks and chill. 

Pintrest always got the coolest ideas to get you out your feelings of its not gonna work, ok. This is for the sake of love and its gonna be worth it and if it doesn't come out perfect just know that its just gonna be one of those lmao remember the time moments that goes down in relationship history!!! 

Remember let your man lead because there are so many other places that gives us the needed opportunity to lead and simply said...they really like that shit! But we run that shit fa real fa real! lol

Follow the leader!Hehe


Are You Pillow Talking?

I love pillow talk. You know why? Its so intimate. Its a dope way to exhale anything that you maybe feeling. I know when I pillow talk and the lights are out and the sounds of breath are free, it takes the mind to a place called real relaxation. I know ya'll know the feeling.

Pillow talk is a way to calm down, a smooth way to get your points across, a dope way to talk about aspirations, a loveable way to get close and a connective way to make the relationship matter.

It's a moment between the two. You can design it anyway you want. It's like a personal mediatation and it does't have to be in the bedroom, thats the dope part. You can take the pillows anywhere. The sofa, the patio, the floor, the car, the park where ever your imagination takes you.

Make pillow talk a priority where the moment of "Just the two" become the calm communication to discuss the day, feelings, apologies....etc. Hell this is gonna even lead to the bomb ass love making session ever because feelings are gonna be released and we know when we talk about things our bodies become what? Vulnerable?

This is a perfect way to settle in and make your relationship moments matter. We are so consumed with our daily living tasks that our feelings, emotions and even dreams build up and we usually don't have an outlet to release them...a serious one...not with a friend or family member but with our mate. The more we know about each other in our relationships the deeper we go, the more we feel, the less stress we have, the higher level of understanding we reach and the more love we value.

Pillow talk...don't make it deep, don't make it forceful. Be delicate, Be intimate, Be low key and Be vulnerable and let the atmosphere and mood take you into a meditation moment. And for the guys who aren't into that just follow his flow and then fluff his pillow and then follow through with the directions he just may need a little bit more of kisses, and soft touches.


Start Your Pillow Talk NowHeart

Are your feelings assets?

You know what I misunderstand the most about love and relationships? Being a sucker for Love. Love is so beautiful and yet, while dating and even in dating love is taking for granted. Are we really spending enough time getting to know the ones we date? Or are we blanketing minute moment feelings just to by pass a moment of loves insecurity? Are we loving too fast or not enough? Should we even be thinking about love's forcast while dating?

Dating these days aren't easy. No matter the level. This is why self love is really important. If we don't  get to know the person we are dating, we still have self taught value. I'm realizing to many unanswered questions began to surface, then insecurities seep in and the attraction begins to seep out. Old fashion fun and getting to know a person like a homie is a great quailification when dating. No stipulations either except; truth.

The pressure is limitless, you have you, your friend, support, goals, dreams and more importantly assets to the value of where and how to go whether is to have a good ass friendship or the bomb ass relationship thats never to be perfect but the assets of time knows how to replenish the flame to the status?

Not going to deep, but if you are dating or in a relationship are you in position not to rush and build assets to the value of your future status?

Have you tried Intimate Yoga Yet?

I love intimacy? We need more of it. Intimacy is like a comfort food for the body. It really soothes the soul. Figure this: Laid all up on the sofa, he does this for you...you do this for him, the movie is playing. He laying back, you're laying in between...the movie still going. He nibbles a kiss you fondle his hand. The movie still going. You guys share a sip. The movie still going. You turn you're body for a little for a tease, his rub gets tougher ya'll smile. The movies almost over and sleep sets in. No sex, sleep. He grabs the throw blanket you shimmy it on you, you're his blanket and he rubs you to sleep and you guys just had intimate yoga.

No words, just breaths. If he talks stop him with soft rubs or a sip. (Please wear something sexy, thank you, lol) No force, speak with a soft intimate presence. Your walk should be soft, your touch, your look even your lingerie (nothing too sexual its intimate yoga, stay classic).

Enjoy the night, the sofa, the drink, the movie and touches and let the presence of relaxation make you adore one another.

Oh, and then in the morning...do you~Wild

Fatigued Relationships...ugh!

You know what I peeve the most in new relationships??? The feeling of being over before it even starts. How is it that in "some relationships" they end before they even begin? Too much energy in the begining can sure fall asleep on love so deep it doesn't wake up to the feeling.

What I do realize is...is that most folks jump into relationships to sheet the feeling of lonliness. But that thin cover isn't enough security to make us feel warmly secure with one another. In this case, the best way I think to get over a fatigued relationship is to date more effecticiently and effectively by simply just going with the flow. Too much pressure, too many stipulations can take the road to love to a dead end...and who wants to be in fron of a dead end?? Only way to go is backwards...and who wants to go backwards??? Right...me either.

Let's take fatigued relationships and give it a dose of vitamin C- in this instance vitamin chill is what I like to call it. The real vitamin C is known to boost your immune system giving you an health immune system...why not chill to that motion?

 Its normal for love to sometimes get fatigues, we do live busy lives but lets rememeber the most satisfying relationship will do better when love is recognized as being tired. When love is fatigued and its worth investing. Come on...get creative, get love back in motion so it gives your relationship the forever feeling of...Making it last forever....and when in doubt call the overweight lover-- and Im not talkin' heavey D...More like God becausehe carries the overweight of our love because he is in fact the creator of it anyway...


Forever Love!

Unselfish Love Making???

Hmmm, ok. Making love is the shit. It is passion and love makes sexual perfection. At least for me, lol. But....what I am hearing is that some "men" and "women" are unselfish bedroom lovers.

In the bedroom, we know indvidually what we like, what we want, how we want it and what postions and motions we need to do to get the pressure released right? Ok, so lets make sure that we are evenly distributing the four play...Don't eliminate that shit! Its cruicial...well in a relationship...because if your just in a casual sexual relationship...this blog topic not for you and can get you into emational trouble with your feelings...so do us a favor and STOP READING NOW lol.

Anyway, four play is the turn up for lovers, not too much, not too little but the perfect tease to ya'll "coming connection". Kiss, touch, whisper, soft stroke, pleasure pound, tickle the fingers, slow slob the know, tix tac toe the box, blow real low, suck sicle high, nipple nabble...shall I go on?

Lol, Not too long but just enough that the body has a natural attention to talk to you. You'll know because your body when its at its peak will loose natural control towards your partner. When our bodies become vulnerably soft our love packs power!!! Trust me!!!!

We may not always know our partners personal needs in love making, some even hate to tell you, some have no problem, some love to be told, some are totally freakin' turned off like me, lmao. So lets be mindful that we know before we make love the real self intent pleasure that turns our partners on...this helps the relationship, keeps the fire literally coming and more importantly keeps all eyes on you...unless they are a straight "Bitch" or a "Dog" and I mean that with love of course.

Get to know ya'll bodies. Communicate sexual preferences so that love making is compatible...simply because satisfaction will be gauranteed. Don't just do what you like to get off. Knock the selfish feelings and share the opportunity of a lovers pleasures nest...


A Bronx Tale-- The Door Test

Sooooo....I hope that we all seen the Epic movie "A Bronx Tale" with my man Robert De Niro? If not...please go back and throw back a classic movie....and get the snacks!!!! Anyway, I so love when my car door gets open...its such a turn on and I don't deserve nothing less...unless I'm driving my damn self...So Ladies let's not forget that double standard's can be wack.

If he opens the car door for you...get in and do the same for him. It's so fly when couples are compatible with standards and its a toast to class. I for one loves when mine walks up to let me in. I feel like the superstar in his life's movie but what's even better is when I sit down and swing the car door open to his hands so that he can get in and kiss to ride out bonnie and clyde style as we sit in and ride in love....

Let's remember that even if we "feel some type a way" about some things, we can not and I repeat can not stop the love tactics...keep doing the gestures mad and all and let God take the situation away...

Tales are imaginary events and the dopest thing about a tale is that we can make it real. Real love is all that....so norm and full of blessings. Ladies, if he does something for you...return the relationship gesture and well if he's not into opening that door-- don't be all forceful but use the right time and right place to let him know that, thats your personal turn on and then later turn up to turn him on so that he invites his love to do more things that you love--that he really should be doing, but you know some guys are slow so you gotta hint to certain love tactics.

Be patient, give him a chance...but don't be selfish to wanting it all...its takes two in love just like a car has two doors to enjoy a ride to anywhere you wanna go!

Ride Out In Style!

It's a date Dummy

Ok...its really 2017. Please...let's get back to dating ettiquette!!! Seriously, in some parts of the city people aren't familiar with dating. Let's not be too easy Ladies and Gents...it's so funny when a woman wants a casual date...some fellas pockets become un uns - you know the sweats with no pockets...straight corny!!!!

But you'll spend money on bullshit -- don't make me put the bullshit out there. Or instead of enjoying a good time with a courtship furture you rather date the convience store whose products are expired - - thats corny lol. But I guess she doesn't want nothing so you rather be there and pay for the her hidden agendas later right?

Anyway, lets be mindful that dating is simple creativity. If you got money-- go out and invest in a good time the rewards manifest into pleasures trust me. And well if you broke-- let's not fraud--think outside the box and utilize your surroundings.

All this is to really say that "Dating is so damn easy, yet folks are making it hard because of selfish intent. Hell if you got extra cash flow some apps and cocktails are cool--but if your broke--opening up the fridge and stopping at the spirit store is cool too!

Choose your date, swtich up the vibes and stop bitchin' about women have to many standards women are just waiting for what God instilled in us to have just as much as he instilled in ya'll men to do...

Dating aint that deep...but cheating a date and settling for the exchange of worthless moves and motives will make you feel more broke than if you withdrew some ideas and dreamed a lil....

Dating Pains!

Equal Opportunity Love

Why is it that in "some" relationships...(and Im just speaking from personal observation ya'll) why is it that some guys in a relationship don't understand the role of shared responsibities?

I'm seeing to many relationships displayed with uneven intentions. What do I mean? Hmmm. So we are in a relationship with no number in front of it...so its automtically dialed as one. He needs not to do more than you and she needs not to do more than him....but the fact is that togetherness should be the fair shared conversational goal. This eliminates the I do this and that bullshit.

If equal comminucation is effective then effective responsibilities will take effect. This will also make this happen...as you lack he comes in with the ally hoop, as he lacks you come in with the slam dunk...Ya'll for the win. Shit got done, no feelin' of who does more, love isn't tempted to sleep outside and goals start to pile up with completion.

Equal Opportunity is real. If you don't believe in that don't allow yourself to be in someones bank just to make withdrawls...eventually you gotta pay it back some way.


Sharing Equal Love for Deposits!

Remember the Night before Sex'mas Gifts


Yesss, talk to me about making love{#smileys123.tonqueout} My fav relationship gift...hell after all I do, I deserve it and for those who are grown, I like to think that your compatability with sex, is love making. The real deal love making!!!Im talkin' more than just 4 play but 12 play...Im talkin' for my ladies sexy lingerie that turns you on before him...yes I'm talkin' soft kisses that make ya body twinkle before you perform and become the star. I'm talkin' hot bubble baths with fly fresh aroma scents, Im even talkin' naked night pillow talk....Hmmm Hmm!

Love making is real serious, its real adult release. Not knocking my folks who like a hard rock cafe fuck...I needs that too, but T'is  the season for bells to really be ringing, for mistle toe's to be hung below the belt, for you to play Mr. and Mrs. Clause in the bedroom showing off that once a year trip they make to give out bedroom goodies to those who been nice but rather sexually naughty in this case!!! 

So, folks be sure to release your presents in the bedroom, some of you might wanna bring your toys too. Ain't nothing like a play date and they help discover the gifts inside the gift..if ya know what I mean, lol.

Let's be mindful not to make no lil elf's if we're not ready so make sure rudoulph has on his nose...and lets remember as we play our reindeer games to remember all the naughty and nice things we been though this year....

So in all holiday cheer...lets make Sex'mas eve the bedroom gift worth given...so put all the bullshit you made me mad's aside, the petty arguments in the stockin' stuffers...don't forget to trim the tree's so that we can see the ornaments in position as we enjoy the wonderful moments of Sex'mas eve ever!


Are you Team Relationship?

In love and In Relationships folks, we must play for the same team seriously ya'll. Life has a way of given out lemons that just don't make lemonade.

Anyway, relationships are equal to the value of real partnership. Being there for one another, supporting good, bad or indifferent situations, agreeing to disagree and just maintaining over all balance in the relationship is the real deal!!!!

Selfish intention is a debt in a relationship. Who the hell wants to be in debt? I for one loves me some got damn credit! Credit is value and value is definititely worth something, so much of something the damn intrest can lead to a life long loving relationship or even marriage...aint that what God wants us to have anyway?

So lets not get it twisted. We are designed for one another to the sum of relationship to the equation of family.

Remember partnership, remember that there is strength in numbers, remember that single is just a serving, remember partnership is a full course meal of happiness. Its the balance of security thats securely wrapped up in the gift of love that we all deserve to have.

Recognize your relationship status...if you're not in a partnership fix the equation so that yor sum gives you the equation of a family that builds credit.

If you don't have it and you peep the debt remember the longer you hold on to a debt the more your relationship will be in collections for a disaster. Too many withdrawls of unequilty in a relationship adds no value. We all have that common sense, at least we should.

Never be afraid to own your partnership, never be afraid to end a partnership if it brings too much debt. The promise of a great partnership is good credit and if your relationships scores good credit...then you have access to your abundance so when life sends your relationship lemons the team work will make the dream work to make some good ass lemonade!


Making Lemonade!


Get out Ya Got Damn Feeings!!!!!

Love is so strickened when it comes to the truth. Do we actually value love for the price it doesn't have? How is it that we can tell people we love them, yet the slightest difference in a conversational feeling can put love at a hault?

True love is defined by no damn barriers folks. More people are coming to terms with the lies of love. The more truthful we are towards our spouse, mates or potential canidates...the more it seems to fighten the feeling of love disturbing the groove of growth.

Would you rather have love in truth or love in comforted lies if it means getting what you selfishly desire? The thing about love is it doesn't always have a Yes answer, and if No is the subject in love...guys it may not be a bad thing, rather a blessing that spares us from the unknown.

Personally in my relationships I've been so honest that my love always took a flight because of fear...yet in personal trials with love if I can dish out a "lie to love" it seems to comfort my other half at the value of actually fuckin' fraundin'...and that shit is corny lol.

So would you rather fraud the feelin' of love or deal with the consequence of truthful conversational feelings? The thing is...if the fraud of love is revealed its a possibility that love can take the train to a new destination but in the same sense if you love in truth and can't handle a persons truth on what they feel it can also take a train to a new destination called ...now you actin' fuckin' funny...lol.

This love shit is real...its not a game but rather a beautiful design to be worn with no filter regardless....no matter how you feel personally about anything....keep a jacket on when your in love...and when you wanna disagree or have relationship beef just unzip ya got damn feelings so your love is protected at all cost and the value of your relationship stays at a BEAN!!! and you'll be at no fault and your relationships preminum can never be damaged by an unfauty accident called..."Just Feelin's"

Drink Up!


I want that Blue Magic Love!!!!

Why does romance have to stop sometimes.? How is it that something so damn magical becomes so damn dull and boring so fast? Da fuq???

Look, the world is already crazy as hell but must we settle for magic tricks? Who wants the illusion of a relationship when the reality of it can be so much better. Illusion is a great way to enhance the effects of reality but real magic...

I'm talkin' that Blue Magic that's 100% pure when natural chemistry is emotionally cooked up?...so amazing!!!...Rihanna's not the only one to gaurantee good sex to be amazing now come on???!!!

If we can inject a sense of that "Name Brand Romance"into our desires how much more attractive would dating be, how many more relationships would last, how many more marriages could be saved? How much more active would love and affection be at the cost of natural energy that just makes you fall in love...

If Blue Magic is the purest chemistry to make a feeling euphoric why are so many people settling for the death of Black Magic - you know super fuckin' natural magic. We know that black magic is the magic of evil and selfish purpose...shits corny...

Give me Blue Magic without flippin' a couple words...you know that magic that when you whip it around it straight comes back haaaard... Damn...

Choose ya Magic!

Angry Dishes

Soooo you mad or naw?

Arguments happen in relationships lets get that clear, and folks lets be honest we need arguments it's sort of like a therapy. So next time there is a heated argument...go through the argument...but lets remember we can only argue as a release of therapy with the intensions that after the argument 12 play is the official ending to the argument.

Ok your right, he's wrong or your wrong and he's right?? Whatever...the absolute truth in this is that if no one can agree to disagree than the argument becomes never ending...and it will resurface later...so why not agree to disagree??

So, the next time a petty argument surface the root of your mouth just remember that the arguments actually brings the relationship closer, a new view will be seen, and there will be one of two questions answered in all fairness of the relationship although there is no "fair" in love and war...we must self evaulate ourselves in our arguments and decide if was healthy or unhealthy for the relationship...

Remember Angry Dishes in a relationship is an effective source of communication in a relationship, if its not personal... so just remember how you like your dishes to be done. If you keep the dishes clean you can still eat, but the dirty dishes can make a stain that may be hard to clean eventually wanting you to opt into a new set of dishes (sometimes a new dish isn't better than an old dish that later becomes understood, only you can decided)...and because we don't recognize the barriers of being petty and we are selfishly lazy to just trashing arguments we forget that arguments are the ongoing lessons we need to build a better relationship for effective communication...so watch to wash your angry dishes!!!!


Drink up!

Love on a two way street?

For all my selfish folks. lol. I mean that ever so nice. Let's remember love is a two way street. We can never be perfect with love. God straight designed us like this for a reason...but what we are able to do is not take things so personal.

I knowww its a habit...Im guilty, Lord knows I'm guilty but I can't help but to get you drunk on love, so what I do is take some time and just reflect on the street so to speak....which in this case is "The Relationship".

Basic advice if it aint that deep don't be so quick to change lanes...accidents can occur instead just drive ride the "disagreement" or whatever and keep going a long road ahead is better than a short one to no  where. Well if it's worth it, but only you know. Choose your relationship beef wisely folks!

 Drink up!